The Richard Wilmore Show (TRWS) is a Talk/Variety Show filmed in San Antonio,Texas that airs new episodes every Monday. Bands, authors, actors, comedians and more talk about life, play games and stop by y ust to have fun! TRWS is a go-to destination for talent from all genres of entertainment to enjoy a cup of coffee and great conversation while letting the world know what they have to offer.  It is designed to be comfortable, friendly, funny and welcoming to not only big name celebrities (are you listening Madonna?!) but also local talent to promote their work.  Season 1 launched on August 29, 2016 and filmed over 40 episodes from a home studio built in Maryland. Season 2 premiered January 1, 2018 from San Antonio, Texas. The state may have changed but the vibe has not.  Season 3 kicked off June 10, 2019.  

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