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Everyday Enchantment (2022-present) A podcast for intuitive beings, ready to learn how to tap into an underdeveloped superpower we all have—enchantment.  Listen to episodes!

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INNtrospection (2022-present) is the podcast which examines hospitality from the innside. Amy Lindner-Lesser, your host and 25-year veteran innkeeper, turned expert chats with innkeepers and others about how to provide over the top hospitality without sacrificing freedom or joy. Listen to episodes!


Art For the Health Of It (2021-present) Hosts Richard Wilmore and Constanza Roeder draw on their combined 15 years of experience in the field of Arts in Health to introduce you to artists, researchers, Creative Arts Therapists, policymakers, healthcare providers, and people just like you to help answer these and other questions. Watch or listen to episodes!

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The Richard Wilmore Show (2016-2022) is a Talk/Variety Show created to shine the spotlight on amazing musicians, talented actors, brilliant authors, hilarious comedians, and the most creative people in entertainment. Watch episodes!

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Freedom Feud (2019) Richard Wilmore hosts this special episode of Millennial Matters. It's a hilarious game show, with two teams of local comedians/entertainers/actors competing to answer the most questions about U.S. history and politics correctly. Watch the show!

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