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"I have worked with Richard on many projects over the years. Not only is Richard a wonderful interviewer with well researched questions, but his energy makes every project fun to create! He arrives with all the equipment required and brings a uniquely creative eye to capture the right speaking moments mixed with still shots. Richard went above and beyond to make my video outstanding. I will only work with Richard for all my future promotional endeavors."

"Richard did an incredible job both with my social media and my website. Richard came up with interesting topics, fun challenges and creative content to help direct traffic to my social media platforms. Richard certainly generated a lot of interest for me and was able to help me build my business just through social media. I loved how he helped me to set up my website. He did it in such a way that it was extremely easy for people to follow and book their classes with me. I also found it very easy to work with him.  Any time I needed to change or update my website he was right on it. I have referred several people to Richard because he makes all of the social media/website issues painless."

I appeared on Richard’s show several years ago. I found it to be a very amazing experience for me. It allowed me to tell my story of how I was a victim and how I started my self defense company. My goal has always been to spread the message for people to recognize, react to, and survive a would be attacker. I felt that this opportunity helped me to reach out to many more people than I would  have had the opportunity to connect with. He is an excellent host and I enjoyed the experience. And he also did some kick boxing moves with me which was fun and interactive.

"I had the privilege of not only being a guest on The Richard Wilmore Show, but also a co-host. Richard has the gift of immediately putting you at ease.  Sitting down with him is like having a conversation with a great friend you haven't seen in a while - you're excited to be there, but the time goes by way too fast!" - Wendy Wright

"Thanks to Richard's marketing skills, virtual assistance and conscientious attention to detail, my social media platform has grown exponentially. He also created the concept for my Simply Skype Virtual Styling, enabling me to offer a fresh and cost effective service to my clients."

"Richard was the creative inspiration and leading on-air talent responsible for two of our most popular television show episodes.

He’s bright, professional, energetic and fun to be around."

"I’ve worked with many interviewers and Richard was the most relaxed, casual, professional, and personable one by far. It was easy to arrange, he had a packet ready for my PR team, and his mission to showcase local talent was evident. His passion and drive is contagious and inspiring and I can't wait for the time we work together again."

"I've done many an interview during my career and Richard was one of the best experiences I've had. From the moment I walked in I was greeted at the door and immediately felt the good vibes and energy from someone whom you can surely tell is doing this work for the love of the craft. It is not just about making a great show for his sake, but also about honoring the craft of his guests. Just watch my episode and I dare you say we weren't already acquaintances. That's the vibe. That's the spirit. And I loved it there."

"I approached the group looking for help to run a Hopin event backstage. I am happy to say the event went very well. I got help from Richard Wilmore, who did a great job. Besides knowing his stuff, he is very easy to work with and extremely supportive."

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